Integrate Drug Discovery Service
Truwaybio integrated drug discovery services
The success of a drug R&D project requires the close and efficient collaboration from multiple disciplines. To reach the milestones within the budget and timelines, it is critical for the project leader to promptly identify the challenges and provide the solutions. Truwaybio integrated drug discovery services team can provide one-stop preclinical services, from the proposal of the development plan to non-GLP toxicology studies. During the collaboration, Truwaybio will be prepared in advance for each assay and model required for the project, thus leading to the efficient progress of the project. We believe, only our clients succeed, can our business succeed.
With Truwaybio integrated Drug discovery services, you can:
  • quick follow-up of the progress from multiple research field;
  • efficient communication and collaboration;
  • minimize the auditing and inspection process, focus on the science
More cost-effective
  • Very competitive price
  • extra discount available
  • flexible payment schedule
Strict quality management
  • hassle free on the data quality
  • free repeats or 100% refund with any quality concerns
  • All the data are managed to support patent application and IND filing
Integrate Drug Discovery Service
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