PBMC-humanized Xenograft tumor Models
The humanized PBMC mouse model constructed by injecting adult PBMC cells into immune-deficient mice can quickly establish relevant tumor immunity models for research on mature human T cells.
Truwaybio cooperated with vitalriver(维通利华) to use the NOG-dKO mice (NOG-MHC I/II-2 KO,NOD.Cg-B2mem1Tac Prkdcscid H2-Ab1tm1Doi Il2rgtm1Sug/JicTac) to construct PBMC humanized mouse xenograft tumor model.
Usually after 4-5 weeks the GvHD become very severe in NOG or NSG mice inoculated with human PBMC, resulting in limited dosing window and the confounding data interpretation. However, in NOG-dKO mice, GvHD occurs at about 12 weeks after inoculating PBMC, the administration window and tumor survival period were significantly extended, and the tumor growth rate was more stable and reproducible.

TruwayBio has established a variety of oncology models:
A375 xenograft in PBMC-humanized mouse
HCT116 xenograft in PBMC-humanized mouse
Jeko-1 xenograft in PBMC-humanized mouse

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