Solubility is a very important physicochemical parameter of a compound, which can reflect the bioavailability of the compound. The determination of the solubility of a compound plays a key role in predicting the absorption in gastrointestinal track (for P.O. dosing) and preparing the formulation for in vivo animal studies. Therefore, the solubility determination of the compound is the first step in the drug discovery stage, which is of great significance for the subsequent development of the compound. Since most compounds contain ionizable groups, they are usually tested for water solubility under different pH conditions.

Solubility Test Protocol

Compound needed 2-3mg
Stock Concentration 10mg/mL in DMSO(if insoluble or poorly soluble in DMSO,lower concentrations will be used)
Test Conditions pH 7.4,FassIF (pH 6.5),FeSSIF (pH 5.0)SGF (pH 1.2)
Incubation temperature 37°C
Incubation duration 2h
Analysis method LC-MS/MS
Data delivery solubility(mg/mL)
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