Microsomal stability test

The liver microsomal stability analysis uses the extracted liver cell microsomes to study the metabolic stability of the compound. Liver microsomes are mainly the endoplasmic reticulum of cells and contain many enzymes involved in drug metabolism, including cytochrome P450, flavin monooxygenase, carboxylesterase and epoxy hydrolase. Because different batches of liver microsomes may have large differences, if you need to strictly compare the liver microsomal stability of the compounds in the entire project, you need to plan and order the same batch of liver microsomes in advance.

Protocol for microsomal stability test

Compound concentration 10µM
Species of microsomes Rat, mouse, dog, monkey, human
Microsome concentration 0.7mg/mL
Timepoints(min) 0,10, 30, 60
Cofactor NADPH
DMSO final concentration <0.25%
Positive Control Compound Clozapine, Verapamil
NCF60(without NAPDH for 60 min)
Analysis Method LC-MS/MS
Data delivery T1/2, CLint, CLH, ER
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