Hepatocyte stability test
The liver is the most important organ for drug metabolism and elimination in the human body, so testing the stability of the compound in the liver cells is very important to understand the metabolism of the compound in the liver cells in the body. Unlike microsomal stability tests, liver cells contain all liver enzymes involved in drug metabolism (including phase I and phase II), so liver cell stability analysis can be used to study metabolites of phase I and phase II metabolism. In addition, comparing the stability of compounds in liver cells of different species helps to understand the differences in the metabolism of compounds in different species.

Protocol for Hepatocyte stability test

Cells Cryopreserved hepatocytes
Species Human, rat, mouse, dog, monkey
Test Compound Concentration 3 µM
DMSO 0.25%
Incubation duration 0, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 min
Compounds required 10 mM DMSO solution,50 μL
Analysis Method LC-MS/MS
Control compound Unknown substrates for phase I and phase II metabolism
Data delivery Intrinsic clearance
Standard error of intrinsic clearance
Half life
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