Plasma Protein Binding Assay
The plasma protein binding assay measures the proportion of compounds that are not bound (free) to the protein in the plasma by equilibrium dialysis. Since only the free compound can bind to its target and produce activity, and the compound bound to plasma protein may have a longer half-life and lower clearance rate, the determination of plasma protein binding rate is very important for understanding the activity of the compound and tissue distribution.

Plasma Protein Binding Assay Protocol(Equilibrium Dialysis)

Method Equilibrium Dialysis(100% Plasma)
Species Rat, mouse, dog, monkey, human
Test concentration 2 µM (DMSO final concentration <0.5%)
Positive Control Warfarin(other compounds available)
Compound required 100 µL 10mM DMSO solution or 2 mg
Analysis method LC-MS/MS
Data Delivery Fraction unbound in 100% Plasma Recovery
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