Toxicokinetics refers to the process of the compound entering the animal body and the animal's reaction to the compound when the administered dose exceeds the therapeutic dose. Like pharmacokinetics, it also needs to go through the four steps of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination. There are many factors that affect the toxicity of a compound, but most of the factors are related to the toxicological kinetics of the compound, including the residence time and concentration at the administration site, the rate and total amount of compound absorption, the distribution of the compound in the body, and the concentration in organs, the rate of metabolism, the nature of the metabolites, the total amount and duration of the compound or its metabolites in the body tissues, and the speed and manner of the compound's excretion.
If you conduct toxicology experiments in other laboratory, TruwayBio will also perform the bioanalysis of toxicology samples.

Toxicokinetics and Bioanalysis

Species Mouse, rat, dog, monkey, cat, rabbit, guinea pig
Dosing route P.O., I.V., I.M.; I. P. etc
Groups multiple groups, one group per dosage
Dosage High, medium, low dosages
Dosing frequency Single dose or repeat dose
Number of animals 3 per group
Time points After the first and last dosing
Analysis method LC-MS/MS
Data Analysis WinNonlin
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