Enzymatic assays
As the simplest biological reaction system, an enzymatic assay can accurately determine the biological activities of test articles. Although the components in an enzymatic assay are clearly defined, it is still quite challenge to develop and validate an enzymatic assay and to produce reliable data.
For an enzymatic assay, the development and validation usually take the following steps:
Identify a suitable substrate and determine the linear range between the signal and the enzyme concentration;
Choose a suitable reaction volume and optimize the reaction buffer
Determine the M-M constant and the ATP concentration
Determine the reaction dynamics
Validate the assay with a reference compound
Continuous validation of the assay in the production stage
At Truwaybio, we develop and validate enzymatic assays following the steps. For more information, please click The following enzymatic assays are available, TR-FRET/HTFR, Alpha-screen, AlphaLISA, Transcreener assay, ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay  etc.
The validated assay at Truwaybio include TRKA wt, TRKA G595R, TRKA G667C, TRKB wt, TRKC wt, TRKC G696A, TRKC G623C, ALK, MET, MET F1200I, ROS1, etc.

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