Screening with iPSC-derived tumor cells
With the development of tumor immunology, tumor immunotherapy has become one of the main directions of tumor drug research and development. However, due to the complexity of the immune system, including the huge differences between the animal immune system and the human immune system, the differences in the immune background between human individuals, etc., a challenge for the development of tumor immunotherapy drugs is the lack of appropriate pharmacodynamic models.

Drug development usually uses traditional tumor cell lines and patient-derived cell lines for drug screening and evaluation. This is not a problem for small molecule drugs such as kinase inhibitors, but it has natural shortcomings for tumor immune drug development because the immune cells derived from the same individual as these tumor cells are not available.

In order to overcome this challenge, Truwaybio established an iPSC cell bank from normal volunteers and used CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology to selectively modify iPSCs to induce differentiation into tumor cell lines with different tissue characteristics. These cell lines have specific and clear oncology characteristics, such as common oncogene mutations, and at the same time, immune cells derived from the same volunteer can be used to study the impact of tumor immunotherapy on these cells, so as to simulate as much as possible the human body's tumor development process and disease treatment process.

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