PK-guided Cell Proliferation Assay (PCPA)
In the routine cell proliferation assay, the compound concentrations are almost constant during the treatment for each well; however, it is different from the in vivo process, which could at least partially explain the gap between in vitro cell proliferation data and in vivo efficacy data; To better understand or simulate the in vivo biological activity of the test compound, Truwaybio developed the

PK-guided Cell Proliferation Assay (PCPA)

in which the PK parameter is referenced and integrated into the cell proliferation assay. Based on the T1/2, the concentration in each well are adjusted in each T1/2 interval, as depicted below.
From the data from PCPA, the dynamic IC50s can be calculated; Combined with the PK data, we can deduce the effective dosage of the test compound in animal efficacy study, assuming the exposure is linear to the given dosage;

The activity data(IC50s) from the PCPA are helpful to understand the binding kinetics of the compound to its target and dynamic cellular activity, and also can guide the design of in vivo efficacy studies.

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