Cell Proliferation Assay:
The protocol of cell proliferation assay: 1.Cells:the cells will be cultured for one week after thawing before experiment and will not be cultured for more than 4 weeks after thawing;

2.Seeding: for adherent cells, one day before compound treatment; for suspension cells, on the day of or one day before treatment;

3.Seeding density: for 72 hr treatment, usually 3000 – 6000 cells/well/100 μL media; for longer treatment duration, lower seeding density is recommended and sometimes optimization of seeding density is required;

4.Treatment duration: 72 hr, or 2 doubling time of the cell line; or can be determined by the clients ;

5.Compound concentration: usually start from 10 μM, 3x serial dilution; can be higher or lower, depending on the acitivities;

6.Duplicates: usually not for validated assays; 2 duplicates are recommended;

7.Readout reagents: Promega CellTiter-Glo® (CTG)assay or MTS assay

8.Data report:IC50, dose-response curve (CRC), CV@max signal;

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