In Vitro Biology
At the early stage of drug discovery, one major challenge is the availability of reliable in vitro biology assays to screen the compounds with expected biological activities, including enzymatic assays, biochemical assays, cell-based assays etc. As the main purpose of these assays are to quantitatively determine the biological activities of test articles for SAR, all these biological assays are called quantitative biology(QB). The requirements on assay development, optimization and validation are different from usual biological research methods.

For different types and different stages of drug discovery programs, the requirements for QB methods are varied. For first-in-class projects, there are no commercial research kits available, Truwaybio can help to establish these methods, including protein expression, assay setup and validation, construction of different cell lines( stable expression, knock-in, knock-out, genome editing by CRISPR-Cas9, etc). Usually it takes several weeks or even months to setup the assays. Another challenge is the availability of the reference compound with targeted biology activity. In the beginning stage, usually the activity of the hit compounds is quite low and the assay may not be validated enough. With the progress of the project, further in-study validation is necessary to ensure the assay is suitable for the SAR.

For fast-follow/me-too/me-better projects, usually there are commercial kits and active reference compounds available, so it is easier to setup the QB assays.

Integrate Drug Discovery Service
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